Peyton & Eli Manning GrillingCast | Episode 4: Chris Robertson | BBQGuys

Peyton & Eli Manning GrillingCast | Episode 4: Chris Robertson | BBQGuys

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When BBQGuys sent out the call for the best grilling videos on the web, we knew you all would deliver. Like they do on on their Monday night #ManningCast, Peyton and Eli Manning are breaking down these grilling videos with ease. Continue to watch all season long as the legendary brothers analyze our BBQ GOATs.

In episode 4 of Grillingcast, Peyton and Eli are thrown a silent curveball from Chris Robertson of Cookin With Swiss and his Tomahawk Steak. (Or is it a pork chop?) Come for the impressive grilling, but stay for the refrigerator science factoid, IYKYK.

GrillingCast with Peyton and Eli Manning:

PitStops with Cooper Manning:

Connect with Chris Robertson:

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