How To Light Your Charcoal Grill WITHOUT Lighter Fluid

How To Light Your Charcoal Grill WITHOUT Lighter Fluid

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Using lighter fluid to get your charcoal grill started is a bad idea. At best, it may give your food a chemical taste. At worst, you may have a bigger fire than you anticipated and light something on fire. I show you a few alternative methods like using tumbleweed starters and fire cubes, a propane torch, or an electric firestarter of looftlighter. It is good to have a few of these in your skill set in case you find yourself away from home and without your favorite method.

I used to think that using lighter fluid was the best method until I tried grilling without it. I was amazed at the taste difference and it doesn't have to add much time to your grill preparation. Someone came by and asked me if I had any lighter fluid. I offered my chimney, explained how it worked and they walked off saying they would find something else!

Weber Chimney Starter:
Electric Fire Starter:

Tumbleweeds or weber fire cubes are usually sold at most stores that sell grills. Grab a few and have them ready.

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